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 Alternate Storyline

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PostSubject: Alternate Storyline   Sun Feb 08, 2009 8:43 pm

"Ah..." Naruto Uzumaki said, returning to the village after a long journey with his mentor, Jiraiya. "Leaf village, you haven't changed at all!" Just then, he noticed that the Hokage rocks had changed.
"Heh, Granny got her face put on the rock!"

"Naruto, pipe down, would ya!"

Naruto turned to see who had addressed him. It was his former mentor, Kakashi. Kakashi was sitting on the top of a nearby building, looking up at Naruto, who was standing on a large post in the middle of the Leaf.
"Shuddup, or else I won't give you my special gift!" Naruto taunted. He pulled out a book from his shuriken pouch. "Here, take it... It's too boring for me, anyways..."

"Naruto! You didn't!!..." Kakashi looked at the book in awe. 'Make out Tactics' the book read on the cover, in bright white ink. "That's, that's, the newest installation in the 'Make out' series! Where did you get it?!"

"Pervy sage gave it to me. It's a super advanced copy, so don't be sharing it with anyone."

"Don't worry!" Kakashi darted off in a cloud of smoke. Then, Tsunade called Naruto into her mansion.

"I got a mission forya," she said. "Sakura needs help infiltrating the Sound base, to get Sasuke back."

"Sakura? Oh, I almost forgot about her!"

"Well, that's not very nice, Naruto." Sakura had come out of a room. She was a bit taller, and would not have recognized Naruto, had it not been for his voice. "Wow, you've really grown, haven't you!"


"Well, see anything else in me?"

"No, not really. You look exactly the way you were as when I left."

"Augh!" Sakura began fuming. 'How could he be so obnoxious!'



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Alternate Storyline
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