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PostSubject: .:Battles:.   Sat Jan 17, 2009 4:32 pm

Post an offer to a Battle here. It is not considered Battling if you are fighting someone of the same Village. The Experience to Levels will go as followed:

1-10 = 15 EXP
11-20 = 30 EXP
21-30 = 50 EXP
31-40 = 75 EXP
41-50 = 100 EXP
51-60 = 150 EXP
61-90 = 225 EXP
91-100 = 500 EXP

There are missions which will increase your experience

D Rank Missions - Genin and Above. Usually obtaining a scroll Reward: 10 ¥ and 30 experience
C Rank Missions - Chunin and Above. Usually infiltrating an enemy base Reward: 40 ¥ and 60 experience
B Rank Missions - Special Jonin and Above. Usually fighting with Jonin from other villages Reward: 250 ¥ and 100 experience
A Rank Missions - Anbu and Above. Usually fighting the Sound 5 Reward: 500 ¥ and 300 experience
S Rank Missions - Hokage. Fighting Akatsuki. Reward: 1,000 ¥ and 1,000 experience

For missions, you must face a Moderator with a certain team to get a certain character.

The battles are like Naruto Arena, except this is a more fun game. I give credit to for the idea. It will go like this:

Roll a Die.
Choose a Technique to use (The Number must be equal to or less than the roll)
Choose a target
Then subtract from target's health or write *STUNNED*/*POISONED* next to them if they were stunned or poisoned that turn

Like this:

Say My team was:

HP 200/200 - HP 200/200 - HP 100/100

and your's was:

HP 100/100 - HP 150/150 - HP 100/100

I roll a dice. Let's say I roll a 6. (You will actually roll dice #1 on the "dices roll" options when you post)
I can activate 6 level 1 skills, 3 level 2, or 2 level 3 skills. I am going to activate Pain's level 2 Skill "Rinnegan" and Naruto's level 3 skill "Sage Mode". I target Hidan with my Rinnegan. Hidan is stunned for one turn.

You roll a 4 on the die. You choose to use Sasori's level 2 "Puppet Protection" and Kakashi's "Mangekyou Sharingan". You target Naruto with the Mangekyou Sharingan. Naruto takes 50 Damage.
Now things look like this:

HP 150/200 - HP 200/200 - HP 100/100

HP 100/100 - HP 150/150 - HP 100/100

Now, Naruto has 150 health.

I roll a die. I roll a 4 on the die. I choose to use Naruto's skill "Rasenshuriken" and target Kakashi with it. I also use Sakura's level 1 skill "Medical Jutsu". I target Naruto. Naruto is healed 50 points of Damage. Kakashi takes 200 points of Damage.

Kakashi is dead.

Etc. Keep going until one of you finally wins.
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