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 Rules For RPG

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PostSubject: Rules For RPG   Sat Jan 17, 2009 3:42 pm

Okay, the rules for the RPG are:

No super-powering yourself
Your rank is considered the same as your rank on the forums
You can only join a clan if your surname (Last name) is that clan's last name

Joining stats:
NAS: 50/50 HP LV 10
Genin: 100/100 HP LV 20
Chunin: 200/200 HP LV 40
Special Jonin: 400/400 HP LV 60
Jonin: 600/600 HP LV 70
Anbu: 800/800 HP LV 90
Sannin: 1200/1200 HP LV 100 (Secret Rank)
Hokage: 2000/2000 HP LV 100 (Secret Rank)

Chakra is the same as your health.

Also, organizations do not have a rank, and a special health will be given to them at join. Avatars must be a 77 x 77 pixel character with a 1 pixel border inside of the 77 x 77 square. I have some here:
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Rules For RPG
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